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07-03-2022 | read

NTPC Limited and International Solar Alliance (ISA) organized a meet today at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi where Excellency Ambassadors and High Commissioners of ISA member countries, particularly those countries who have subscribed to ISA programs or are interested in doing so, were invited.

The theme of the meeting centred on Program-06 of ISA under which ISA provides support to its member countries for implementation of solar parks & projects with NTPC support as the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for such solar park implementation. Through this partnership NTPC is currently supporting nine member countries for implementation of 3845 MW of solar parks and projects which would result in generation of around 9228 MU of power per annum while bringing in an investment of USD 3-4 billion. This would also result in saving of 1265 million litre of diesel per annum and in avoidance of 3.42 Ton per annum of CO2 emission even on considering that only 50% of new solar power is replacing diesel based power. Further, discussions are on with number of other member countries for further such collaboration for implementation of Solar Parks there.

During the meeting, ISA outlined the overview of all Programs of ISA being extended to member countries while NTPC explained the modalities for implementation of the program along with the progress and major milestones achieved till date in nine ongoing assignments.

The Ambassadors and High Commissioners of member countries wholeheartedly welcomed the beneficial prospects of solar park Program-06 of ISA in addition to other Programs and looked forward to explore collaboration on these lines. They also expressed confidence on the capability of NTPC and its collaboration with ISA for successful implementation of these solar parks and projects in their countries. They invited ISA and NTPC mission and technical teams for visit to their countries for further facilitation of the Programs.